Automatic 3D Nail Printers! Unique Business Opportunity!

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  • 3D Nail Printers, Portable Nail Printer/Painting Machine! Add this to your SALON or SPA , or have it at home!
  • Automatic mobile wireless transfer digital all-intelligent nail printers! Work of a smartphone app!
  • This nail art equipment prints any pattern, any color, and any design on natural nails and nail tips.
  • Includes free guide on how to paint on gel nail high quality.
  • INCLUDING: Ink cartridge, SM 10 Ink, Top coat, Base coat, Pre-Print Coat, Nail Mask. 

Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Size: 17.5*17.5*16.7(cm)
Power Supply: Electric
Power: 80W
Function: Picture Printers,Fast Printing ,Wifi Connection with phone
Net Weight: 1.6kg

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