3D OR 4D Smart Air Vibration Eye Massager

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4D & 3D Smart Air Vibration & Heat Eye Massager

  • 4D intelligent air pressure massage package that relieves eye strain & fatigue, headaches and/or constant migraines. 
  • 15 minutes timing function with built in temperature control and added heat for relaxation.
  • Built-in music with bluetooth funtion.
  • Five smart modes for your own choice, includes rechargeable design with built-in lithium battery.
  • Adjustable elastic headband designed to fit all head sizes.
  • Specificaly designed health concerns including but not limited to:  constant migrane headaches, eye strain and fatigue from computer use or prolonged flourescent lighting, nasal, sinus and eye seasonal allergies.

Charging Method: USB

Delivery 10-15 Business Days

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